Searching for HelloFresh in Barcelona? LetsCook is your answer

Regardless of where we call home, busy people worldwide struggle to follow a balanced diet that is good for our health, wallets and the planet. You may have heard of, or even used, a meal-kit delivery service such as HelloFresh. These meal kit delivery services are increasingly popular because they check all the boxes. They provide delicious, healthy, convenient, affordable, and family-friendly meals conveniently right to your doorstep. Whether you are new to the city or have lived here all of your life, you might have noticed that you can’t find Blue Apron, Mindful Chef or HelloFresh in Barcelona. Not to worry, though, LetsCook is Barcelona’s own unique meal kit delivery service. We bring the freshest local ingredients and creative recipes written in English, all conveniently-delivered right to your doorstep. We are excited to be part of this dining revolution, offering new options for Barcelona’s residents.

What is a meal kit delivery service anyways?

It is a subscription food service that allows you to choose a menu with the number of servings you prefer, receive the ingredients at home and prepare them yourself, guided by the recipe you have requested. Meal kit delivery services are increasingly popular because:

With pre-planned meals and pre-measured ingredients, meal kits lower your stress and worry. No more weekly meal-planning or grocery shopping on your to-do list.

Meal kits free up more time for you to sit and enjoy your meal with their shortened cooking and preparation times.

Step-by-step recipe instructions (in English!) with photo illustrations are an excellent way for new cooks to learn how to cook.

Foodies and expert chefs alike appreciate learning new recipes and expanding their repertoire with creative ingredients.

Premeasured ingredients are appropriately-portioned to help you eat a healthy amount of food without over-eating. Restaurant and takeout premade meals can contain excess salt, sugar, or fat. With a meal delivery kit, you get to choose how to make your meal healthy and delicious.

Two Swedish brothers searching for a better way to enjoy home-cooked, healthy meals while saving time and money first invented the world’s first meal kit subscription service. Today’s consumers like yourself, increasingly want direct contact with quality ingredients harvested locally and sustainably.

While some meal kit companies deliver partially-cooked ingredients or frozen meals for you to reheat, LetsCook does not. Instead, we put the chef’s hat and apron on you. We choose exciting recipes and only the freshest ingredients for you and your family to enjoy cooking together.

HelloFresh in Barcelona the best alternative
LetsCook - Food boxes - The best alternative for HelloFresh in Barcelona

The HelloFresh model comes to Barcelona.

Barcelona’s food and restaurant scene are world-renowned. Why choose a meal kit delivery service when there are so many delicious options in the Catalan capital?

Affordability- The price per serving of the LetsCook meal averages between €4.25/serving and 7€/serving. Visit weekly plans

Convenience and Flexibility- LetsCook offers family, vegetarian, or gourmet plans, and you can skip meals or cancel your plan at any time, no strings attached.

Health concerns- With the pandemic and lockdowns, you can stay healthy by having your LetsCook meals delivered right to your door and avoiding crowded public transportation or markets.

If you are a non-native Spaniard or English-speaking ex-pat, you may find yourself overwhelmed by trying to grocery shop in a foreign country or language. Sometimes after a long day of work, it can be exhausting to navigate the pescadería or the tourist crowds at La Boquería. LetsCook’s website and recipes are even in English! If you have younger children who have not yet acclimated to the later Spanish restaurant dining hours, LetsCook is a great way to get a healthy meal your children will love on the table quickly and at a reasonable hour.

Barcelona residents, native-born and foreign, all want to save time and money when it comes to eating, but without sacrificing the enjoyment of eating.

HelloFresh in Barcelona LetsCook is your answer
LetsCook has recipes in English

Our commitment to quality

Four basic principles guide us at LetsCook when developing our meal kits and different weekly plans:

Balanced diet. We know that you can eat well and healthy economically.

Locally-grown. For both your health and the planet’s health, we search for only the freshest, in-season products grown close to your home.

Varied and flexible offers. We adapt to your tastes and needs, and not the other way around.

Sustainable food. We aspire to reduce food waste and continuously work to deliver our meal kits in recyclable containers with the least amount of packaging.

We know that cooking can be an effort, but that it is also a pleasure. LetsCook in Barcelona cultivates the appreciation for the art of food that Barcelona is known for. Home delivery brings the convenience that made the HelloFresh model so popular right to your doorstep. We are excited to offer Barcelona this tailor-made culinary service. Welcome, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy your next meal with LetsCook.

HelloFresh in Barcelona, LetsCook is your answer