What's for dinner tonight?

Surely, this question sounds familiar… the “tension” it generates led us to embark on a journey to find an answer. In 2018, three friends who are passionate about gastronomy came together to develop a meal option that would fit with modern life. Thus, LetsCook was born, an innovative concept of delicious and healthy food. With LetsCook, you cook for yourself, have a good time, and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

A bit about us

Our team consists of nutrition experts and creative minds who come up with new recipes every week, offering a selection of traditional and surprisingly innovative dishes for you to choose from.

Gustav, Chief Corporate Chef

Beyond my background in engineering and finance, I have a lot of experience in the kitchen. I know how to cultivate and produce each ingredient… and I have a story to tell for every recipe!

Santi, Team Ops&Tec Lead

I have a lot of energy and handle complex projects. Flipping the phrase “food should not be wasted” to send exact portions and quantities is my mission. This phrase fascinates me; it has even become an unofficial internal leitmotif.

Nico, Customer Success Officer 

My day-to-day revolves around being attentive to customers, addressing their concerns, and resolving their queries. It truly makes me happy to understand how LetsCook reaches our clients´ kitchens, to know what people like, and what we can improve in order to reach more families.

Join positive impact eating

One day, we imagined a world where eating tasty and good food was both easy and fun. And, above all, environmentally friendly. That’s why we created LetsCook, trusting that LetsCook becomes a reference for healthy food and grows to create a positive impact on the planet and in the lives of our community.


We make it
easy for you

Delivered directly to your doorstep so you can cook without complications, thanks to our step-by-step recipes.

Rider LetsCook
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and sustainability

Fresh, quality, and local products. With just the exact ingredients to reduce food waste. Good for you, good for the planet.

Verduras LetsCook


Your inner

Let yourself be surprised and allow yourself to discover the chef within you. Swap the microwave for the pan… and you’ll see how good it feels!

Cocinar LetsCook quienes somos
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in your routine

Days full of colour and flavour with our varied and delicious recipes.

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We have a close relationship with all our clients, suppliers, and collaborators. And we’re delighted that you’re part of our family. You’ll be a great @letscooker.

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The raw material,
a key point

The best recipes require good ingredients. Over the years, we have met different producers and had the pleasure of trying and selecting the best. We bring you their fresh products straight from the field. Locally-sourced products and seasonal ingredients from responsible suppliers who love their work and care for animal welfare. Only this way can we create our delicious recipes and offer maximum flavour in every dish.

Del campo a tu mesa LetsCook

We adapt
to your pace

Many of us have hectic lifestyles, very active routines, and activities that require a well-nourished body. And although it’s challenging at times, we don’t want to give up eating well and tasty, easy and uncomplicated. At LetsCook, we´ll do everything possible to make it happen: we’ll respond to new needs such as changes of address or setbacks, adapt our dishes to allergies or intolerances, and think of new healthy and appetizing recipes to make cooking our meal kits at home very simple. Let the rhythm never stop in the kitchen!

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