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Weekly Plans

How do I select my meal?
Every week, you can choose the recipes you like the most from the weekly menu. In the vegetarian, family, vegan and gourmet plan you have total freedom to choose your recipes before every Friday at 23:59.
We’ll send you the suggested meals of the week. They’re always balanced and healthy recipes according to the chosen plan, including new dishes compared to the previous week.
Every week, starting Monday, you have available the weekly menu with recipes that you can receive the following week. You have until Friday at 23:59 to choose the ones you like best!
No, you have total freedom to skip weeks or cancel your plan at any time. You have until Friday 11:59 p.m. each week to cancel or skip the following week. You can manage your plan from your Client Area on the website.

You can change from one plan to another free of charge. Whenever you do it before Friday at 23:59, you’ll be able to receive your new plan’s recipes next week.

Yes. From your Client Area on the website, you can modify the number of recipes and the number of servings / people for your weekly deliveries. You have until Friday at 11:59 p.m. each week to modify your order for the following week.
Our plans start from two servings per recipe. We have many clients who live on their own and use the leftover food for a spectacular ‘tupperware’ the next day at work. Or, one day they cook half of all the ingredients and another day the other half.
It is a plan that contains a price reduction in meal kits. Instead of choosing the recipes, we send you the most chosen of the week.
No, you have until Friday 11:59 p.m. each week to skip the following week, or even several weeks. You can manage this from your Client Area.
We update our weekly menu every Monday, including 21 new recipes so you don’t get tired of knowing new dishes.
In your Client Area you can cancel your plan permanently, or temporarily by skipping weeks. You have until Friday 11:59 p.m. each week to cancel your plan or skip the following week.

If you want to receive ingredients in exact portions for 5 or more people you can combine multiple plans into one account. For example, if you want meal kits for 6 people, the best option is to have a plan for 4 people and another one for 2. You can choose the same recipe on both plans. In this way, you will receive the ingredients for 6 people.

If you do this, you can let us know to apply a special discount on one of the two plans.

Payment Methods

The moment you sign up for a weekly plan, your first week’s payment is charged to your credit card. From the second week onwards, the same card will be charged every Saturday. In your Client Area you can modify the payment method.
Yes, from your Client Area you can modify the payment method.
Yes, you can order your meal kits with any of these payment methods.

Of course! If you have vouchers from Cobee, Gourmet Card, Sodexo or Edenred (Ticket Restaurant), you just have to contact us. We will activate your Virtual Wallet so you can charge your daily credit.

For example, if you have a daily meal voucher with a value of €11, you can automatically upload it every day in your Virtual Wallet to accumulate them during the week and be able to order your meal kits before Friday at 11:59 p.m. with the accumulated credit.

The Food

Before receiving your kits you’ll receive an email with the recipes. The recipes have a maximum of 6 steps, each with an image. There is also a link to an explanatory video.

On each meal kit bag you’ll find 2 QR codes, the first is to view the recipe (both in Spanish and English) and the second is to directly access the video. Open the camera on your mobile, or the app to read QR codes, and point at the code. A link will appear on the screen, click on it.

We’ll send you all the ingredients you need to prepare the recipes except salt, pepper and cooking oil.

If your plan is gourmet, family, vegetarian or vegan and you have any allergies, you can let us know when you choose your plan. We take care of changing the ingredients for other more convenient.

We always prioritize locally produced products to reduce our carbon footprint. Fruits and vegetables are from local producers whenever possible. Both beef and chicken are sourced locally, close to Barcelona.
Our meal kits are prepared to keep an optimal temperature during the journey. In addition, this temperature is controlled at all times so that the ingredients are in perfect condition when you receive the kit.

The Delivery

Deliveries are available throughout the whole Spanish peninsula.
Deliveries in Madrid and Barcelona (and nearby towns) are at no cost. Outside these areas, a fee of €5-12,49 may be charged. You will receive your kits at your home, or if you prefer in another place such as your workplace.

We deliver on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Barcelona (and nearby towns). If you can’t receive your kits at the scheduled time, we can coordinate a time slot to ensure someone is home.

In the rest of the peninsula, kits are delivered on Wednesdays before 13:30.

The ingredients for each meal kit come in a food-grade paper bag. Inside the bag you’ll have all the necessary ingredients, in the exact quantities, to prepare the recipe. Sauces and liquids come in glass or biodegradable containers. Dry foods such as rice, grains, or spices come in paper bags. Meat and fish are vacuum sealed.

We transport the kits in special conditions to keep them cold during the journey from our facilities to your home.

When you have your meal kits, it is recommended to keep them in the fridge until it comes time to cook.

All our packaging is recyclable. In the case of glass containers for sauces they are returnable, that is, you can deliver them to the LetsCook delivery man when he returns next week and he will send it to us for sterilization and reuse.

Additional Products

To complement your weekly plan, you can add a plan of additional products such as fruits, brunch, wines and/or a barbecue kit.
You can choose either a one-time purchase or weekly. If you choose a one-time purchase, it will be a single charge and a single delivery (you can repeat as many times as you want!). If you choose weekly, an additional charge will be made each time your meal kits are charged and the additional products will be delivered along with the kits.

No problem! The plan is totally flexible (like your normal meal kit plan), you have time to make any changes before Friday at 11:59 pm. All products for the following week will be charged on Saturday morning; meal kits with or without additional products.

No, don’t worry, they are independent plans. You can choose what to buy each week. One week only meal kits, the next meal kits + fruit, etc.

You’ll receive them with your next meal kit delivery.
We’ll only charge for the additional products you’d like to add.
When you sign up, you choose the price range and type (red, white or rosé) that you want to receive weekly. LetsCook changes the wines every month so that you can try different organic and local wines.
The additional plans are totally flexible just like the meal kits. You have time to make any changes each week until Friday 11:59 p.m. Then everything will be charged together on Saturday morning.
Sure! Click here and place your order. You will receive a digital flyer with a code to share with 6 months of validity. You can buy all the Gift Vouchers you want!